Firmware Upgrade 1.19



  • The "Restore to Default" function is now reflecting the correct setting after a restore.
  • Loop Mode and Loop & Forward Mode no longer occasionally incorrectly deleting previously stored files.
  • Loop Mode is no longer saving additional loops beyond those it should save.
  • 1080p AV out mode no longer has occasional shifted color.
  • Czech menu for time/date overlay has the language for top/bottom in the correct order.

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Upgrade also includes previous enhancements including: Loop and Loop & Forward, Corrects black line on the edge of the LCD, and Corrects green tint that appears in changing light conditions, added 720p50 and 720p25 resolution/frame rates for compatibility with PAL, time and Date can optionally be overlaid on a clip while it is being recorded, support for multiple languages, 480p30 and 480p25 resolution/frame rates for compatibility with non-HD TV.