POV.HD Narrow FOV extended Cable Kit

POV.HD Narrow FOV extended Cable Kit

The VIO POV Marine kit will make it easy for many different categories of boaters to capture hi-Def video of all their activities. This system features an easy-to-mount hi-Def camera head tethered to the recorder with a 15 foot breakaway extension cable. The amplified hi-Def camera head features an exclusive 47 degree field of view which will appeal to both Action Sports enthusiasts and anglers alike as this narrow field or view creates a magnified view of the subject on your final video. So whether it’s a skier, a wake boarder, or the billfish of a lifetime being recorded, the image on the screen will look larger than life during playback. When you combine the crisp, HD imagery with outstanding audio, reliving your on-the-water experiences will be better than you thought possible.

Use your imagination to create unique shots from virtually anywhere on your boat—on the transom, bridge, tower, mast or bow. The camera and recorder are waterproof, so no need to worry about the weather or waves—you can even submerge the camera head for dramatic underwater shots. The recorder features an LCD screen to enable the user to make menu selections, frame up the shot, or to review videos.

Kit Includes:

POV.HD Amplifies System.

47 degree FOV Amplified Camera Head.

Five foot breakaway cable (camera side)

Sixteen foot break-away extension cable.

(The break-away connection allows for easier installation and "quick-detach" capability of the camera head.)