POV.HD Tactical Kit

POV.HD Tactical Kit


The POV.HD Tactical kit is an all-in-one On-Officer video solution. It is your job to protect your community or facility, let the POV HD protect you. Visibly worn cameras shield officers from complaints, capture undisputable video evidence of encounters, and minimize the chances of an event escalating. Like a trusted side arm, the VIO POV HD should be with you whenever you are on duty.

The POV HD features 4 record modes; The “loop record mode” enables you to save recordings up to 30 minutes after they happen.

The POV Tactical kit includes our Chest Harness mounting solution for the recording unit, as well as a separate pouch for carrying the recorder, and a variety of camera head mounts. Kit Includes:

POV.HD complete system

POV Chest Harness

POV Pouch

Goggle Mount (shoulder strap mounting option)